Panel management

Global Healthcare Research panel management is a strategic process of organizing, nurturing, and overseeing our handpicked group of trusted healthcare professionals from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Brazil. — your user research panel. Our panel management ensures that our panelists remain engaged, motivated, and primed to provide genuine feedback to our clients.

Our panel management process encompasses everything from recruiting these dedicated panelists to maintaining their interest and commitment over the long term. Our focus on optimizing this specially curated, on-demand reservoir of study participants to ensure they consistently offer the most insightful and relevant feedback for our research efforts at all times.

The purpose & importance of panel management

We believe that in order to run a successful research practice, we need a strong panel of research participants and keeping our panel active and engaged is an ongoing effort.

Every participant on our panel has a unique voice and perspective. By managing our panel effectively, you ensure that these voices are not just heard but actively listened to.

Quality control

Quality in research is paramount. Effective panel management acts as a gatekeeper, ensuring that every feedback loop and every response is of the highest caliber.

By periodically reviewing and refining our panel, Global Healthcare Research can remove uninterested or less engaged participants, ensuring that research is always backed by top-tier insights. This vigilance ensures that the data collected stays relevant, accurate, and actionable.

Streamlined efficiency

With a finely tuned panel management system, research activities are streamlined, free from the usual delays associated with participant recruitment and screening. Having a ready pool of invested participants, allows us to jump straight into the research, leading to smarter decisions and stronger outcomes efficiently and much faster.

Consistent data over time

The gold standard in any longitudinal research study is data consistency. Engaging with the same set of panelists across different time intervals ensures a consistent baseline.

Consistency facilitates a clearer understanding of genuine shifts in user behaviors or sentiments as opposed to transient trends. With effective panel management, Global Healthcare Research can effectively chart the evolution of user feedback, ensuring clarity and actionable insights.

Rewarding panelists

Incentives are a key part of panel management and it’s not overlooked at Global Healthcare Research. Incentives not only help with attracting panelists to our studies but also keep response rates up.

We have learned that monetary incentives typically perform better than gifts or incentives through a points system, where panelists build up points based on the number of studies they participate in.

The more attractive way to engage our panelist is to offer a Fair Market Value incentive for each different study and remunerate them on a timely manner.

Panelists must always know that their time and effort was well spent. To engage with our panelists and to attract them to participate in new studies, Global Healthcare Research keeps panelists up to date with the results of our research studies, how the used their responses will contribute to the society and make participants feel much more invested in their role.